Mi Air Purifier 2S PRO

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Product type: Air cleaner filter
Purification technology: Multistage
Filter type: HEPA; Carbon
Suitable for purifiers: Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 1, 2, 2S, PRO
Filter replacement (recommended): every 3-6 months
Dimensions: 293 mm x 200 mm
Violet colour


The efficiency of the filter depends on its purification and aerodynamic design. The new Xiaomi purifying filter (antibacterial type) effectively absorbs PM2.5 particles and mites found in the dust. Covered with a special antibacterial layer, it can kill bacteria and viruses. Activated carbon eliminates unpleasant odors. The filter wear indicator on the screen will inform you when the filter needs to be replaced.

4-layer high-performance filtering and cleaning (main filter, anti-bacterial coating, HEPA filter and high quality activated carbon). The cylindrical shape ensures filtration of 360 ° of large particles and harmful substances.

1. The main filter provides 360-degree filtration of dust, hair and other larger particles.

2. The anti-bacterial coating contains organic metal salts with an antibacterial agent that destroys bacteria and viruses.

3. HEPA (High-performance Memory Particulate Arrestance) filter Mi Air Purifier uses the ultra-dense PP Toraya filter to capture the smallest PM2.5 particles and pollen that causes allergies.

4. Activated carbon absorbs harmful gases, used in the Mi Air Purifier is one of the most effective. It is combined with an anti-formaldehyde formula that effectively absorbs harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia, as well as unpleasant odors and smoke.

filtry fioletowe Xiaomi ( Antybakteryjne) ? to najnowocześniejsze typy filtrów Xiaomi wyposażone dodatkowo w warstwę antybakteryjną oraz antywirusową. Przeznaczone są dla alergików i osób z chorobami układu oddechowego. Odznaczają się skutecznością na poziomie 99,99% w redukcji pyłków alergennych.