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Yield: about 250 ml per day at temperature 25 degrees Celsius, 85% RH
Cooling element: Peltier
Power supply: 230 / 12V DC 3A
Power consumption: 36W
Tank: 500 ml
Noise level: <40 dB
Supported areas: 15- 20 m2
Dimensions: 150 x 220 x 115 mm
Package dimensions 175 x 285 x 160 mm
Gross Weight: 1.5 kg


Mini dehumidifier, or desiccant is currently the best solution to the problem of moisture in a residential area. With a device that you can purchase on our auction, without any chemicals you get rid of moisture in every room. The dryer is an electrical device which reduces the humidity of the air, operates on the basis of technological use of Peltier cells. because it is lightweight and has a very quiet mode of operation, and it is not necessary to use any removable parts such as filters, special inserts like. The mini dehumidifier ETD-250 made in a special version for our company AWAPLAST uses a new technology, the power consumption of only 36 W. Our device meets the strict standards of the European Union which are certified CE certified and ROHS.
Mini dehumidifier is equipped with a water level sensor
Automatic shutdown when lighted red LED denoting a full tank of water.

The kit will receive:
– A mini air dryer including a water container
– Power Supply
– box
– Manual in Polish
– Warranty card bearing the stamp and signature