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Ozonation surgeries, dental clinics, clinics. Ozone removes hospital odors, viruses, bacteria. Ozone baths, soaking feet in ozonated water. Ozone dissolved in the water removes fungal infections, acne, atopic dermatitis, relaxes the body. It helps heal chronic wounds and get rid of the foul smell feet.

Ozonation of water, meat, vegetables, fruit removes chlorine, bacteria and pesticides in the water and on the products. Ozonation rooms in bars, fried food stands, pizzerias, ice cream shops eliminates not pleasant smells, disinfects surfaces and objects located there.

Ozonation can disinfect and purify the air and the accessories in the room, what creates lower limit the risk of bacterial and viral diseases. Room after ozone smell fresh, sterility, and this is what customers and guests expect.

Ozone eliminates odors after painting, renovations, building chemistry. We can not only ozonize space, but also single items: carpet, wardrobe, dressing rooms, shoes, clothes, refrigerator, etc.Ozone eliminates not pleasant odors, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, molds and fungs.

Ozonation eliminates undesirable odors, the smell of cigarette, smells of the animal, in the kitchen the smell of burnt food, in the bathroom mold, spores of fungs, musty odor, etc. Ozone eliminates dust mites, viruses, bacteria, pollen, allergens.

Ozonation destroys developing after the floods and sinks molds, mushrooms and musty smell.

Ozonation effectively removes the smell of burning in the room.

Ozonation interiors of cars, buses, trams. Ozone removes odors, dust mites, fungs and mold from the interior, seats, upholstery and simultaneously sterilize ventilation and air systems of vehicles.

The best way to eat healthy vegetables and fruits is their
Ozone Generator ZY-H103 was the hero of the program Good Morning TVN –
Washing fruits and vegetables with ozone.


Good Morning TVN – Washing fruits and vegetables with ozone

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