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Ozone output: 600 – 750 mg / h
Emission of negative ions: 3,000,000 ions / cm2
Performance air pumps: 5 l / min
Operating time ozonator – set in the range of 5 ÷ 30 min
Ionizer working time – manual control ON / OFF
Noise level: <35dB
Supported areas: up to 30 m2
Power supply: 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Rated power: 20 W
Device dimensions: 200 x 300 x 100 mm
Package dimensions: 240 x 340 x 150 mm
Gross Weight: 1600g


The multifunctional device equipped with two independent modules for comprehensive air purification


Ozonizers apply to disinfect bathrooms, saunas, gym, locker room of sports, hotel rooms, car air-conditioning, refrigerators and freezers, food, fruit, fish, mushrooms, seeds, meat, milk rolo-food, as well as, clothing, footwear, sportswear , wardrobes, mattresses, bedding, etc. Perfect for disinfection and deakaryzacji housing allergy, animal housing, etc., and many other household and professional. Ozone is soluble in water, with oxygen and removing it from it any debris and inclusion type of chlorine, iron, calcium, algae, etc. Bathing in ozonated water is beneficial for the decommissioning of skin diseases such fungal infections and others. Ozonizer 2 is provided with a silicone tube and two diffuser allowing ozonation of water both for foodstuffs and as disinfectants and other food products. So ozone water can also be used for washing and bathing.
Ozone has a strong recognizable odor (like the air after a storm) at a very small, many times less than the exposure limits, which makes working with ozone generator is safe. provided that it is operated according to the instructions included with the device.
– Through strong oxidation it acts bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal
– Through oxygenation improves metabolism and nutrition of tissues
– Activates the immune system
– Removes organic and inorganic odors from rooms
2. Module ionizer
a. The module has ionizer efficient generator ionizing negatively, prozdrowotnie particle air emissions of more than 3 million negative ions per 1 cc of air. Thanks ionizer is applicable to the treatment of air in a residential area
30 m2, as well as in public buildings, retail, office and industrial. It is also very effective for the precipitation of dust and odors when breeding birds and other livestock.
b. Ionizer effectively precipitated allergens, pollen, plant, and dust mites.
c. Effectively precipitated dust and pollen from industrial pollution, environmental, and
the breeding of birds and animals.
d. Reduces airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds.
e. For the use in rooms up to 30m2 with a height of 3m.
f. A very energy-efficient, power consumption of only approx. 2.5 W, designed for continuous operation.
g. ionizes negatively, prozdrowotnie indoor air improves mood,
the body with oxygen, running anti-stress and regenerating.
h. Essential and reliable efficacy for allergy sufferers.
i. It does not have expensive filters that require replacement every three months should be inlet air to the unit cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.
The impact of negative ions:
– Effectively precipitate allergens, pollen, plant and mites
– Limits in air, bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds
– Precipitated dust, dust, pollen from a household room, office, retail, etc.
– Precipitated pollen and allergens of birds and pets
– Oxygenate the body, they bring a sense of freshness
– Enhance well-being and ability to concentrate
– Increase the efficiency of psychophysical
– Act anti-stress and regenerating, eliminate apathy


Producing ozone, active oxygen is called symbol, and 03 are different from ordinary oxygen in that the oxygen is stable form 02. The half life of ozone in air is from 40 minutes to 30 minutes and in water from 30 min to a few minutes. In this way, after 2 hours, the ozone produced almost entirely return to its original oxygen, and at this time acts as a strong oxidant sterilizer. Ozone kills bacteria, eliminates or reduces bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, pesticides, fungicides, mites, dust and pollen allergy in the air and water, as well as a gas reaches both for food and for all items in the room ozonowanym. As one of the most powerful oxidants removes all odors of organic or inorganic including tobacco, to the animals and birds, fire, and other flooded. In higher concentrations kills insects and rodents which no other remedy is not able to completely eliminate.

Ozone does not mask odors but removes them.

By purchasing ozonator you will get included:
– Ozone generator
– 2 silicone tubes
– 2 diffusers
– Warranty card stamped and signed
– An instruction manual in Polish