Plasma ionfresher

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Performance: 6000000 – 7000000 ions / cm3
Ionizer working time – manual control ON / OFF
Noise level: Supported surfaces up to 90 m2
Power supply: 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Power Rating: 2.7 W
Device dimensions: 90 x 280 x 150 mm
Package dimensions: 100 x 300 x 160 mm
Gross Weight: 900 g


Plasma ionizer Air ionfresher, is an innovative and reliable device, the principle of which is to form inside the unit causing the plasma to change the polarization of ions air from positive to negative, and to force the flow of air through the device. Negative polarity ion air is essential for an effective air purifier in the home and office environment.
Micro-particles in the air such as dust, pollen, dust mites, smoke, fumes, odor and other odors, have a positive charge, they are drawn by the device and thanks to plasma polarity reversal on the negative are compensated within the dust collector and the ion generator on giving to remove and purify a special filter cartridge. The ionizer new generation replaced all the noisy elements like the fan, the motor is the new maintenance-free, efficient and reliable system based on the action of plasma purification and forcing air flow. Ionizer new generation has a very quiet operation. The device does not disturb the peace in an office and home, and the system of air flow through the device allows you to use it at night.
Plasma is often called the “Fourth state of matter” fourth state of matter, and it is somewhere between solid, liquid and gas. This is the ionized material with a gas-like physical state, in which substantially all the particles are electrically charged. Plasma ionizer Air ionfresher utilizes plasma concentration of negative ions emitted to 7,000,000 / cm3 which allows ionization of the air in closed rooms up to 90 m2. The device does not require replacement of filters, or any other operating elements and is characterized by very low power consumption – power consumption is only 2.7 W, which directly translates to lower operating costs and is the preferred option of maintaining the purity of the air.


In the room where the ionizer is working far better to breathe, sleep better and faster rests – the air is clean, healthy and vibrant. Breathing the ionized air primarily strengthen the immune system. This has a beneficial effect especially for frequent przeziębiających out of upper respiratory tract infections. Jonoterapia can also alleviate the symptoms of asthma, allergies and migraines.


Effectively cleans the air and removes:
– dust
– odor
– allergens
– Pollen
– mites
– Dust and pollen
– cigarette smoke
– Oxygenates the body
– Brings a sense of freshness
– Limits in air:
– bacteria
– viruses
– mushrooms
– molds
– Improves concentration and mood
– Increases psychomotor performance
– Acts anti-stress and regenerating
– I eliminate apathy
Ionizer is designed for indoor use, such as:
– Bed, bedrooms, kitchens, restaurants, offices, reading rooms
Ionizer must not be used in rooms with high humidity such as
– Bathrooms, swimming pools, saunas etc.

A detailed description of the application and is described in our operating instructions!

By purchasing the ionizer will get included

– Plasma Ionizer entrusts ionfresher
– Power supply 13.5 V, 2.7 W
– Brush for cleaning the filter cartridge
– An instruction manual in Polish
– Warranty card stamped and signed