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Ozone output: 3000- 4000 mg / h
Performance air pump 20 l / min
Operating time ozonator – set in the range of 5 to 120 min
Noise level: 40 dB
Supported areas: up to 120 m2
Power supply: 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Rated power: 60 W
Device dimensions: 135 x 255 x 210 mm
Package dimensions: 200 x 320 x 265 mm
Gross weight 3600 g


Professional ozone generator 2g OZONTECH. The device for the production of ozone applied ceramic titanic-tube, which significantly increased the durability and reliability of the Ozonator


– bathrooms
– Hotel rooms
– Automotive air-conditioning
– Refrigerators and freezers
– bedding
– clothing
– Water in swimming pools for children
Removal of pesticides, bacteria, viruses and fungi in order to prolong the freshness of:
– fruit
– vegetables
– meat
– fish
– etc.
Bathing in ozonated water is beneficial for the liquidation of skin diseases such fungal infections, etc.

A detailed description of the use of an ozone generator is described in our operating instructions!


It works bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal
Removes or limits:
-dust and pollen allergy
Removes all odors:
-fire, flooded and more
In higher concentrations kills insects and rodents, which no other remedy is not able to completely eliminate.
In the water, removes all impurities:
It improves metabolism and nutrition of tissues
It activates the immune system

Ozone does not mask odors but removes them.

By purchasing ozonator 4g/w you will get included:

– Ozone generator
– A silicone tube 2
– 4 diffusers
– An instruction manual in Polish
– Warranty card bearing the stamp and signature