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Efficiency: about 800 ml per day at 32 degrees Celsius, 85% RH
Cooling element: Peltier cell
Power: 230 V
Power consumption: 62W
Tank: 2400 ml
Supported area: 20-40 m2
Sound level: Dimensions: 218 x 310 x 160 mm
Package dimensions: 240 x 363 x 135 mm
Gross weight: 2,3 kg


Air dryer, or moisture absorber is currently the best solution to the problem of moisture in living rooms.
With the device that you can buy at our auction, without any chemicals you get rid of moisture in any room, thanks to a UV lamp and ionizer you will clean the air from bacteria, viruses, molds, spores and allergens.
The dehumidifier is an electrical device that reduces air humidity, works on the basis of the technological use of the Peltier cell. therefore it is lightweight and has a very quiet operating mode, and it is not necessary to use any spare parts such as filters, special cartridges, etc.
In the Pure Dry New PD-08L dehumidifier performed in a special version, new technological solutions were applied, additionally an air purifier was used – a UV lamp and an air ionizer.
The dehumidifier is controlled from the LCD touch screen.
The dehumidifier has a humidity meter and displays the current room humidity and temperature meter on the screen, pressing the TIMER button for 5 seconds will display the current temperature.
The dehumidifier can work continuously or we can set a specific working time from 1-24 hours by pressing the TIMER button (every TIMER press increases the working time by 1 hour) after the set time the dehumidifier will automatically switch off.

In the PD-08L dehumidifier made in a special version, new technological solutions were used, power consumption only 62 W.
The dryer has been equipped with a water level sensor
Automatic device shutdown with red LED lit indicating full water tank
Our device meets the strict European Union standards which are certified by CE and ROHS certificates