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– Ozone concentration: 0.5-1.0 mg / l,
– Water flow: 3-7 l / min
– Water pressure: 0.14-0.7 Mpa
– Working temperature 1 ° C – 50 ° C
– Power supply: 230V / 12V DC
– Nominal power 36 W
– UV lamp
– Dimensions 380 x 270 x 90 mm
– Weight : 2.7 kg


Professional ozone generator OZONTECH AOT-WP-01 for instantaneous ozonation of water
The device for the production of ozone uses ceramic-titanium tubes, which significantly increased the durability and reliability of the ozonator. The device switches on automatically when water is drawn. All functions are displayed on the LCD screen


– drinking water
– water for washing machines and dishwashers
– bedding
– clothes
– showering water
Removing pesticides, bacteria, viruses and molds to prolong freshness:
– fruit
– vegetables
– meats
– fish
– etc.
Bath in ozone water is beneficial for the elimination of skin diseases like mycosis, etc.
A detailed description of the use of an ozone generator is described in our operating instructions!
The use of the OZONTECH AOT-WP-01 device enables washing clothes without using powder, ozonated water replaces detergents.
The device is recommended for allergy sufferers and people allergic to detergents.


Bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal works
removes or limits:
– molds
removes all odors:
– tobacco and animal
in water removes all impurities: < br> – chlorine
– iron
– calcium
– etc.
improves metabolism and nutrition of tissues
activates the immune system
Ozon does not mask odors but removes them.

By purchasing the device you will receive in the set:

– Flow ozone generator
– Power supply 230v / 12V DC
– Washing hose for washing machine
– Holder for mounting the device on the wall
– instruction manual in Polish
– warranty card bearing stamp and signature